Anyone who doesn’t listen to The Limousines though…

What are you doing?  Do you at least know of them?

"I want you, I want you, I want you…"

Take This Waltz - Leonard Cohen

It’s in my head right now and seems to be pretty appropriate thus far.  Also, why is “thus far” not one word?

She looked like she was in pain.

It wasn’t just pain though, she looked painful.  Like it would hurt if you touched her.  It would hurt if you felt her.  “Nothing is sharp enough to cut me,” she said.  “Nothing here is sharp enough.”  She didn’t want to, she just wanted to let out whatever was inside her.  She thought maybe if she watched it crawl out from her clenched fist and drip into the off white sink, she’d feel better, relieved.  “It’s somewhere else now,” she would say a little too loudly. 

"I’m not part of this.  I feel things I’m not supposed to feel."

Take me back

Watch me when I sleep
Listen when I weep
Take me further
Take me down
Let us sit still in the dark
Our hands in each other’s laps
I bite your shoulder
You kiss my hand
I’ll take you in
You take me back

Today, I had Panera lunch with my good friend, Matress. His nickname is Matches, but I call him Matress instead. I have recently shortened it to Mat. He’s pretty great.
Sunday Brunch at Press 626 is fantastic.  They have french toast with cream cheese and orange marmalade.  Of course, everything is from scratch and absolutely delicious.  I highly recommend trying this place sometime.
For me, it was ages.

Ages since we talked, since we felt
I just wanted to forget that part
For me, this isn’t all
It’s just all for this hour
All in this long hour of wanting
I will listen to these birds
I will watch the curtains breathe
In this moment I’ll hold on
I’ll hold on to what I know

Pretty much the most adorable man ever. @secret_jon
@secret_jon and I made a double s’more. It was delicious. 😁👌

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